Senior Living Services

Oak Medical’s specialty is to manage the wide range of senior medical needs in assisted, independent and memory care facilities.

We come onsite to senior communities to simplify the delivery of medical care.

Our providers specialize in primary care for older adults, with a deep understanding of their special needs and the chronic, complex conditions that become more common with age.

Our clinics are held in the building, so residents don’t have to drive or ask loved ones to take them to appointments. They stay safe from bad weather, slippery sidewalks, long walks to and from the car and long days of sitting in doctor waiting rooms or even multiple waiting rooms.

Benefits of Oak Medical Senior Living Care

  • Wellness visits, with focus on prevention of illness
  • Management of chronic conditions
  • Treatment for emerging illness
  • Medication management
  • Coordination of specialist referrals
  • Arrangement of home care services or home medical equipment
  • Post-hospitalization follow-up
  • RN case management services that provide patients and families a single point of contact
  • Chronic Care Management with dedicated Registered Nurse to educate on medical interventions

Why Choose Oak Medical for Senior Care?

  • Comprehensive medicine from home: Residents receive high-quality care from doctors and clinicians who specialize in geriatric medicine.
  • Streamline communication : Our onsite team is connected directly to the facility, so communication is simple and frequent. Doctor orders are immediately delivered and implemented. Caregivers know where to go to share any concerns, and our medical team has a direct line of communication to the community staff, too.
  • Support facility staff: Oak Medical is a valued member of the care team, adding medical support and expertise that’s accessible.
  • Family support through education: Our  RN case managers are a connection between the medical team, patients and families for plan of care, questions or concerns.
  • Peace of mind for patient and family: In the elderly population, healthcare is critically important. Oak Medical offers a refreshing model of continuing health care services, right where residents live. This model provides patients with important medical care that’s timely for early intervention, as well as convenient. Families can rest assured their loved one is receiving excellent care without scheduling and coordinating appointments; getting their loved ones into the car and into a doctor’s office, especially in bad weather; or taking vacation time from work to transport them to appointments. Patients have the comfort of knowing there’s a healthcare resource who knows them and is onsite regularly to address their concerns or questions.

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