About Oak Medical

At the heart of Oak Medical, we are a team of compassionate and experienced medical professionals who care deeply about our patients.

We provide comprehensive medical care and leadership in long-term acute care hospitals, acute rehabilitation hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, memory care facilities and senior living facilities that delivers improved access to care, efficient and cost effective services.

Oak Medical’s professional team is made up of:

  • Internal medicine physicians
  • Advanced practice providers
  • Wound management specialists
  • Rehabilitation and pain management specialists
  • Psychiatry services

The patients in post acute settings often have complex and ongoing healthcare concerns across the spectrum that require careful, personalized attention. Oak Medical clinicians provide that – working as a team collaboratively to ensure each aspect of the patient’s health is addressed. Oak Medical offers patients, their families, and facilities a single touchpoint that simplifies treatment coordination and ensures no detail is missed.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide consistent, high-quality care. Every provider at Oak Medical believes in taking responsibility for patient care and working with peers to ensure those in their care receive timely, dignified, compassionate medical treatment.

This is why we created Oak Medical.

Build Relationships of Trust

Healthcare delivery can often be fragmented. Oak Medical’s unique model empowers providers to build practices that make a difference – where they have ongoing, trusting relationships with patients and families, guiding all aspects of treatment towards better outcomes, in collaboration with the onsite medical staff.

Single Touchpoint Simplifies Patient Healthcare

Oak Medical provides seamless, patient-centered care across the health care continuum as people transition to and from facilities based on their current needs. In this segment of the health care system, the need to manage ongoing heath conditions, patient transfers between facilities and gaps in coverage can make everything complex. The Oak Medical care model provides patients, families, and medical staff a single contact point for medical needs, improving the quality and timeliness of care.

Healthcare is Improved

Our providers are highly skilled, passionate professionals that act as a patient’s primary care provider, getting to know patients well, and identifying and anticipating health care needs. They draw on expertise from a team of Oak Medical specialists, when needed, to address specific acute needs. These clinicians work closely together to guide treatment recommendations and see them through.

Enhanced Communication

Patients in specialty hospitals and long-term care environments can have complicated medical conditions that require detailed communication between providers and staff. It can be time-consuming and important details can be lost that are vital to the patient’s wellbeing. Oak Medical simplifies the delivery of care so communication between patients, providers and care team becomes streamlined. Information is shared quickly and accessible to the entire team.

Advanced practice providers team with Oak Medical specialists as cohesive unit, collaborating and developing effective treatment plans.  They share information across the group, so each provider has the comprehensive health picture and can maximize their visits and provide care recommendations that look at the patient holistically.

Working Alongside Facility Medical Staff

We believe the best care is provided as one team, leaning into each others’ strengths. We foster close relationships with the facility care team, serving them and their patients with integrity and commitment.