Wound Care

Skilled nursing facilities need to invest resources in wound management, for the good of their patients and their business.

Wound Care management is a critical focus for all senior living communities. Wounds are costly, and over time lead to poor patient health if not managed properly.

Our clinicians are board certified in wound care management, with exhaustive training in identifying and treating elderly patients. We partner with facilities to not only guide the treatment of patients but we also educate the care team and assist in the implementation of key wound care strategies.

Education for patients and families

Our clinicians have a passion to help facilities build strong wound care programs that are patient centered and evidence based. Providers can collaborate with facilities to provide wound care management or train facilities to build their own successful program. Let Oak Medical help you determine the best way to enhance your wound care program for the benefit of your residents.

Oak Medical’s Wound Care Services

Oak Medical’s Wound Care team becomes an extension of any facility, adding provider support in this critical area:

  • Conducts a careful assessment of skin integrity from head-to-toe at admission, documenting and staging any existing wounds.
  • Recommends evidence-based treatment plans and communicates it to the care team
  • Offers specific recommendations for daily wound care such as positioning, wound cleaning, equipment options, diet, medications and the most effective products to promote healing
  • Rounds weekly on a facility’s wound care patients, communicating findings and treatment plan to the care team. Delivers individualized, patient centered care to promote healing.
  • Participates in weekly wound care meetings and serves the facility as an expert resource. Brainstorms creative solutions for challenging cases.