Internal Medicine

Primary care, family medicine, internal medicine. It goes by different names, but for patients and facilities, internal medicine is the cornerstone of patient care, at all levels from skilled nursing facilities to assisted and independent senior living communities.

Oak Medical provides comprehensive care that’s better for patients and more efficient and cost-effective for facilities. We remove fragmentation across providers and specialties that can complicate care and communication, and provide a single source of medical care.

Highly skilled and deeply compassionate, Oak Medical providers specialize in geriatric care and the management and treatment of complex and chronic health issues that come with aging.

Our providers become an extension of the facility’s medical team, collaborating to add advanced medical expertise, resources, and added support so patients receive exceptional care exactly when they need it.

Stronger Patient Relationships, Better Health

Working closely with the facility, our clinicians build connections with patients and help guide through care decisions.  Serving as their primary provider, our doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants and registered nurses get to know each patient’s unique medical history, making them more effective in caring for them through ongoing medical conditions or preventive care.  Patients and families have the opportunity to build relationships with the providers, gaining insights and education needed to advocate for their care.

In-Person, Onsite Care

Our Physician/Advanced Practice Provider model offers consistent, comprehensive care.

  • Consistent presence, serving as a resource and partner to the facility medical team
  • Treat in place philosophy, with early intervention of acute health issues, to prevent emergency department transfers
  • Hand off communication with treatment plan changes after patient visits with care team
  • Coordination of transitions between levels of care, chronic case management and specialty care referrals
  • Education of staff, patients and family members

Integrated Specialty Medical Services

It’s typical for our patients to have multiple, complicated medical conditions, best managed in tandem when prescribing treatment.

Our internal medicine practitioners are often the first to identify a need that requires specialty expertise, like wound care, psychiatry and mental health concerns or physical rehabilitation and pain management.

  • Specialty providers work closely with internal medicine providers, considering the patient’s overall health needs
  • Treatment is effective and timely
  • Communication is clear and comprehensive, between attending and specialty providers, a huge benefit for both staff and family


Provider Support Allows Focus on Patient Care

By freeing up providers to do what they do best – care for patients – we elevate overall patient care. We minimize on-site distractions by stepping in and completing vital support tasks for our providers.

  • Our skilled team provides operational support and facility communication between facility and provider
  • Organized processes are in place to separate patient care and facility required documentation delivery

Customized Services To Fit a Variety of Facility Needs

Oak Medical’s service offerings are customized to meet facility needs. These services are available individually or can be combined to build a comprehensive program

  • Medical Directorship
  • Attending Physician and Advanced Practice Provider Programs
  • Specialty Services
    • Wound Care
    • Psychiatric Care
    • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • Telemedicine


Oak Medical’s model is patient-centric. Our systems were designed to keep the patient experience at the center while streamlining operations for the facilities in which we work. Offering a single touchpoint to patients, their families and the staff inside the facility saves time, enhances communication and positively impacts care by removing obstacles.

We would love the opportunity to provide care in your facility, or to your loved one. To find out more about our model of care, click here.

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